How early should I place an order?

We are a very small bakery and i am the only decorator.  I have a limit as to how many orders I can take in a weekend not to mention the time and detail involved in creating the type of cakes that I make. Because of this, I tend to book up quickly. And in popular wedding months, like March, April, May and June, I may be booked a year in advance. So I tell everyone, as soon as you know the weekend of your event, please let us know! You don't need to know the theme, number of guests, etc. You just need to pay a non-refundable retainer and you'll be on the books. The retainer amount is 50.00 unless it's a wedding cake and then it is 150.00. We can figure out the details as we get closer to the date! Now, in saying all of this, it never hurts to ask if I'm available because there may be a last minute cancellation.

What's the best way to reach you?

I prefer email. My email is thecakebarn@gmail.com, but you can also reach me by calling 318-229-7786. When emailing about a cake, please remember to let me know how many you need to serve, the date you are needing the cake and any details regarding theme, etc. If you have a picture, invite, party ware, etc. please send it to me by email. This ensures that I can answer you quickly instead of having to email back and forth asking for this information.

How far do you deliver?

I deliver wherever I need to go. Local delivery within 30 miles is $75.00 but goes up depending on travel time, etc. I highly recommend that large tiered cakes are delivered, however, you may pick them up if you wish but you will be required to sign a waiver stating that we are not responsible for the cake once it leaves our hands.

How should I store the cake until the event?

The cakes needs to be kept refrigerated and on a level surface. Do not run errands before you get to the venue/home and leave the cake in your car, even if the car is running. We cannot be held responsible for a cake disaster if the cake is left out overnight at room temperature. Take the cake out of the refrigerator about 1-2 hours before the party or event begins.

What do I need to bring to my consultation?

I ask that the bride bring whatever is needed to aid in the design process. For example, invitation, ribbon, swatch of fabric, inspiration pictures, cake topper, etc. I also need you to bring some sort of payment if you'd like to book the date. I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

Are we a legal licensed bakery?

When a business is providing food to the public, there are several rules to follow.  I am an insured, health department inspected, licensed  LLC. This way, I am completely legal, and 100% covered. This also means, that you can order from me with the utmost confidence. You know that my ingredients and supplies are kept in the proper storage conditions, and at a food-safe temperature. If you plan on ordering goods from a home-based baker, you need to check first with your venue, as some of them do not allow food to come in from un-licensed/un-inspected/un-insured kitchens. This is not to try to get people in trouble; this is to watch out for yourself. So double check before you pay a deposit, and then wind up without a cake on your day because the vendor isn't legally allowed to bring it on site.

****UPDATE****. The Louisiana Cottage Food Bill has passed and goes into effect on August 1, 2013. Do keep in mind that this does not make a home based kitchen licensed or insured.  Many venues will still not allow a cake to be brought in from an un-inspected kitchen and the Louisiana Cottage Food Law does NOT require home based kitchens to be regulated and/or inspected by the health department.  ALWAYS check with your venue regarding their policies.  I've delivered to many that have a huge sign on the door as you walk in. Again, this is being mentioned so you are not left without a cake at the last minute!

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