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"Our wedding cake was amazing!!!!!.....They are still talking about this cake saying how moist and good it was!!!!....Darrell and I thank u soooo much for everything!!!!!" -Adrianne P.
"Jaime, the cakes were absolutely beautiful. Everyone could not believe that the groom's cake was real. They kept looking at it really close to make sure and they would touch the bottle and bucket to see if it was real. Natalie's cake was just perfectly done and incredible. You are a true artist. Thanks so much for making their day a memorable one. We were all so please and satisified. Thanks for two beautiful cakes." -Christine N.
"Thank you so much! The cake was BEAUTIFUL!! And tasted great too!" -Kelli V.
"As pretty as it is... The taste was even better. It was beyond words." -Mitzi F.
"The cake was PERFECT in every way! People were standing around commenting on what a beautiful cake this was and THEN...we cut it. I cannot tell you how many people are STILL telling me what a DELICIOUS cake we had at the wedding. White almond flavored, with a strawberry filling, this cake was the most moist cake I have ever tasted! HEY! and let's not forget the Groom's Cake. People were swooping down on both tables to get their fill of BOTH cakes... His favorite, of course...RED VELVET! I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious this cake was...MOIST, MOIST, MOIST! Thanks!" -Barbara R.
Thanks again The Cake Barn for my beautiful wedding cake - we just recently ate our 1 year cake top and it was still great a year later!!! -Hope S.
"Thank you so much for the awesome cake you made for my daughter's graduation party! Everybody loved it! You make the best cakes!" -Donna R.
"Dear Jaime and everyone at The Cake Barn, Clayton and I just wanted to say thank you for your time and efforts on making our BEAUTIFUL wedding cakes! I can't tell you how many compliments we got on both the bride's cake and the groom's cake. They were exactly what we were hoping for! I have already sent many friends you way for cakes and will continue to do so! Thanks again!" -Lauren F.
"Jaime, you are amazing! We absolutely loved how the cake turned out and everything that went with it! We have gotten so many compliments about how it was the best wedding cake anyone had ever tasted :)  Thank you so much!" -Melissa & Phillip
"The cake turned out so beautiful and was a HUGE hit! I got so many compliments from guests on how good it was. In fact, only a portion of the top tier was left at the end of the night. I just couldn't believe it when I looked over and saw an empty cake table. Thank you so much Jaime!!! :)"
"Jacob and I are driving down to Baton Rouge to fly out for our honeymoon tomorrow, and I just HAD to email you about the groomscake. Oh my gosh - it was JUST absolutely AMAZING!!! Just like what we were picturing and even better! I loved how you did the writing on the crate with our last name and wedding date.  And the beers - people will be talking about the cakes for years. We put the real beers up next to the cake later on so ppl could see them next to the ones on the cake (because they all just thought it was real beer in the cake till then!!). fabulous!! Thank you thank you thank you!!"  Caroline and Jacob Fusilier 
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